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What’s the Buzz About Get Active Slim Pedometer Fitness Tracker?

If you are looking for increasing your physical activity or improve your overall health; get active program seems the smart choice for you.

GetActive program consists of GetActive Slim and GetActive Tapp. This programs helps you to keep track of all your activity and measure your sleep quality.

You may have heard about the personal activity tracker that will support you to reach your goal. There are many devices on the market such that many of you end up in confusion when it comes to choose the best one. Here we’re going to find out the buzz surrounding GetActive slim pedometer.


Get Active Slim Pedometer is a fitness tracker that will help you to check out your activity day-by-day, week-by week. This will in turn motivate you to take more mindful decisions in your goal to getting fit.

GetActive Slim is compact and portable pedometer that records your step count, distance travelled, walking time and calorie burn count.

The key feature of this pedometer is that it can maintain your records upto 10 days. This will help you in analyzing about the exercise routine for a whole month.


This pedometer comes with a LED display and so it is easy to operate. It has online cloud platform with 3D accelerometer.The GetActive slim and GetActive Tapp can be synced with your smartphones so that you can easily access your fitness statistics.

You can comfortably charge the pedometer either in the evening or before you go for your walking session. You can take it along for the walking session of next morning to track your records. This product comes with 1 Li-Po reachable battery. The GetActive slim pedometer provides you with a one year warranty.

Whether you have set modest health goals or hoping for complete fitness transformation, you can use the GetActive slim to keep track of your personal fitness and reach your goal successfully.

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