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Wilcox’s Weird But Smart Inventions

The inventions of today are inclined to new technological advances, from smartphones to the latest wearable technological gadgets. But London-based designer Dominic Wilcox has inventions that are different from the present norms.

His woks are not about making new technologies that can make your life easier. His works are brilliant innovations to make your daily life more enchanting. His innovations wake the child in you. They make your childhood dreams come true.

Wilcox said he tried to create surprising but thought provoking inventions out of ordinary daily things. He believes that there are hundreds of ideas that can be conceived out of everything that surrounds us. With a dose of ingenuity, humour and a sprinkle of insanity, you can come up with amazing creations from everyday objects.

He said he starts with an idea and work out of it by creating an object or just drawing it.

Here are some of his most notable inventions:


  • A bed shaped out of Wilcox’s sleeping position.5 1
  • GPS Shoes5 2
  • Tree Branch Work Desk5 3
  • Watch Sculpture Collection5 4
  • Luxury Skimming Stone5 5
  • Binaudios, a binocular for the ears5 6]
  • Xylophone Trash Bin5 7
  • Pre-Handshake Device5 8
  • Shoe Field5 9
  • Ship Port Tetris5 10
  • Slides for Falling Leaves5 11
  • Coffin/Work desk5 12
  • Wilcox VS 3D Printers5 13



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