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Will Biodegradable Batteries Power the Embeddable Sensors In Future?

Personal health is a new area technology companies are looking to explore, implementing new technology into sensors, tracking devices and being able to output valuable information for doctors and patients to know about themselves, without paying thousands of dollars to doctors or other medical professionals.

Researchers at the University of Illinois have come up with a new biodegradable battery for embeddable sensors that are swallowed by the patient and used as a tracker inside the stomach to figure out possible illnesses and stop them before they become more noticeable.

We have already seen biodegradable sensors, but the issue has been how to power these sensors inside someone’s stomach and make sure they degrade properly, without causing the patient further illness.

The new battery is made out of magnesium and either iron, tungsten, or molybdenum and will output power to the sensor for at least 24 hours. It takes around three weeks for the battery to fully degrade in the body; researchers tested this in salt-water solution at 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit.

We are not sure what the end goal is for these sensors, how long manufacturer want them to last before they degrade. The reason for them to be swallowed is to gather information which normal external sensors cannot find out, once that information has been sent back to the mobile device, the sensor is no longer needed.

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