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With Peeple Front Door Is No Longer a Blind Spot

You will now be able to see whoever is knocking at your door from your smartphone. Peeple is a small sensor and camera that you can attach to the peephole of your front door to take a video and send you a mobile notification when someone knocks.

Peeple has been developed by Craig Sullender, David Genet and Chris Chuter. Craig is a former power system designer for NASA. He is an electrical engineer with years of experience designing hardware for camera systems. David is a mechanical engineer and has earned an Architecture degree from the University of Texas. Chris has worked in the oil and gas industry, at NASA and the game industry. He has a Bachelor and Master’s Degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering from the University of Texas. Chuter thought about this project when his two little boys left the house and played in the street without permission.

Peeple is different from other front door cameras because it sits behind the front door and is very easy to install. The device has a smart mounting solution. It pops right off when it more convenient to look through the door rather than at the smartphone. Peeple is easy and to the point and perfect for renters as nothing is permanently mounted. There’s no fuss or mess.

Front Door Cameras

In a nutshell, Peeple lets users keep a log of people who knock on their door. Even if the door opens from the inside, Peeple will track all these events. Peeple is just a small box that is attached to the door right in front of the existing peephole. The device has a Wi-Fi chipset, a camera, a battery and an accelerometer.

Peeple connects to the home Wi-Fi and sends notification when someone knocks or opens the door. It will send notifications to the user no matter where they are everywhere in the world, provided they have a mobile phone with a signal. Users can also open Peeple app and virtually look through the peephole to see who is at the door.

You can use it to keep track of all the goings and comings through your front door. It’s even great for screening people when you don’t want to come to the door. So if you have ever wondered how many people come by when you’re not home, Peeple will help you out.

Peeple has been launched on Kickstarter; they are looking to raise $50,000 to bring it to the market.

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