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Garmin Fenix 2 – The Running Watch Of The Future

Garmin watches have been around since the bulbous of GPS electronics were launched in the 2000s.


Since then, they have undergone multiple iterations, slimming down of the battery and improvement in GPS and now they have reached the apex of the activity watches.

The Fenix 2 is one of the best styled sports watches you can get. And it is very very accurate.


What is this watch capable of? Plenty; it features a barometer, an altimeter and a compass. These are all accessible from the main time screen. And when in exercise mode, it can measure your heart rate, pace and distance.

The Fenix 2 supports a number of sporting activities including climbing, running, hiking, riding, skiing, paddling and swimming.


It’s more or less a smart watch. For example, when swimming, you just tell it the size of the pool and begin your swimming. It will track your stroke count, distance, and more. While on ski-board it will track your speed, distance, run count and vertical drop.

It can also be used as a glove-friendly remote via ANT+ for VIRB Elite and VIRB action cameras.


What’s more? The watch has a very long battery life. Those who have used it testify that it can last for about one week of regular use!

The Fenix 2 is compatible with Garmin Connect which is Garmin’s online service. This means it will show you everything you need to know about your runs. For example, there is a route set up that allows users to drop breadcrumps and set waypoints as they run, meaning they can set a beginning and end-point and then allow the watch to navigate them towards the point as they run or walk.


Fenix 2 also syncs with a Mac or PC using a specialized cable and connects to Garmin’s heart rate monitors and other Bluetooth and ANT compatible accessories.

Felix 2 shows we have reached the era of smart watches.

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