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Germany drops Verizon contact amidst rumors of US spying

In wake of the revelations about U.S mass surveillance and spying on foreign governments, Germany has announced they will be ending their contract with Verizon Communications, amidst rumors that the company helped the National Security Agency (NSA) gather data on Germany.

Verizon Communications will be dropped in favor of Germany’s own Deutsche Telekom, who will take over all communications in Germany. German officials noted that Deutsche Telekom are already working on most sensitive data in Germany.

Verizon Germany has denied claims they worked with the U.S. government, Detlef Eppig said on Thursday “Verizon Germany is a German company and we comply with German law.” The company did not receive any demands from Washington to hand over data in other countries, according to Eppig.

Still, the worry is there for Germany, considering Verizon Wireless worked with the U.S. government on collecting customers data without informing, who knows what the company had done worldwide without customer knowledge.

The United States have been put in a rather difficult position, due to the Edward Snowden leaks on the NSA and mass spying. Angela Merkel, the Chancellor of Germany, had apparently been tapped by the U.S. government.

This does not only ruin the U.S. economy in terms of Internet agreements between foreign countries, it puts the U.S. in a bad situation if they want to ever instigate new legislation for the Internet or any sort of communications.

Still, it appears Germany is losing grip of the U.S, they tried to make sure the government would sign an agreement not to spy on Germany, but the deal fell through when both governments couldn’t reach agreements.

It is interesting how the U.S. has not been more harshly treated for its involvement in spying, but many analysts believe this happens around the globe and all large governments do it to some degree, diluting the issue.

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