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Going for camping? Take Jetboil MiniMo Backpacking Stove with you

MiniMo is a lightweight, modular backpacking stove that can boil water and simmer and cook real food as well. The previous Jetboil models could only boil water.


By introducing MiniMo, Jetboil aims to expand their product line by offering a stove with a simmer control allowing users to cook real food. The shape of the pot has also been redesigned to be wider and shorter to make it easier to eat from the cup.


MiniMo uses new regulator and valve designs allowing it to have the most finely-tuned (25 turns) simmer control capability available on the market. It also allows it to have consistent performance down to 200F.


The short and wide design also makes its center of gravity to be low making it to be more stable on uneven surfaces. The pot is also insulated and comes with a lid designed for drinking.


The stove also includes a measuring cup that snaps onto the bottom of the pot for storage and stabilizer feet that snap into the lid for storage. The burner packs conveniently inside the pot when it is not is use leaving room for a 4oz fuel canister too.

This makes it very compact as everything fits inside perfectly well. It is not bulky and weighs less than a pound. For all these, you will only need to pay $129 for the stove.


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