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Google and Apple forced to offer better refunds in South Korea

The South Korean government has been quite active when it comes to mobile devices, previous setting a law where both Apple and Google must allow bloatware to be deleted off the device, instead of locking it onto the system.

This came in response to the increasing amount of bloatware found on Android and iOS devices, especially from Android manufacturers who skin the phone, adding even more bloatware from their own collection.

The countries Fair Trade Commission has now forced Apple and Google to offer better refunds on their Apps Store. The government branch wants users to have better refund policies.

For Apple, South Korea wants easier refunds for in-app purchases, regardless of the cost. Apple has started offering refunds for in-app purchases, following court cases, but the process is still antagonising for the user.

This will stop children from wasting a lot of money on in-app purchases without their parents knowing. Apple’s new iOS 8 update also offers family settings, where parents can set how much the child can spend and limits of what apps they can use.

Google has to allow developers to set their own refund terms, meaning refund terms might differ depending on developer/company. Google must also make sure users do not immediately pay the full amount for the app after a trial, without first getting consent from the user.

The new terms are only available in South Korea, but Apple is thinking about bringing these changes worldwide. This would be a nice move by Apple, to make a more consumer friendly store, that works for the user, rather than bad developers.

South Korea seems to be one of the only countries content on bringing better standards to the mobile industry. Apple appears to be more compliant with the changes than Google, but we expect both of them to accept the new terms.

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