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Google and Samsung trying to find common ground on Android Wear

On the surface, Google and Samsung are great allies, working together to expand the growth of Android, but it is a bit more complicated when looking deeper, checking out the differences between the two companies.

Android Wear appears to be a conflict spot for the two companies, with Google’s CEO Larry Page meeting with Samsung Vice Chairman Jay Y Lee, to talk about the focus on Android Wear and moving away from Tizen OS.

Tizen OS is Samsung’s own mobile platform, they recently announced a mid-range smartphone coming to Russia and all of Samsung’s current smartwatches (apart from the Gear Live) run on Tizen OS, not Android Wear.

This is a big issue for Google, who need Samsung to deliver the brunt of the sales. A report published a few months ago claimed the Samsung Gear was the best selling smartwatch in the world, with over one million sales.

Samsung is obviously playing it safe with Tizen OS, if Android ever becomes too obnoxious and doesn’t allow the company to develop their own skins, they might try and bargain with Google, using Tizen OS to make sure Google bends to Samsung’s demands.

Still, this would be a long shot, considering Tizen OS isn’t popular enough to threaten Android, it is even lower down the list than BB OS, and we do not see Google quaking in their boots to make sure BlackBerry stop competing.

We expect Google wants to have a common understanding with Samsung. The two companies share a lot of revenue, Samsung sells millions of devices running Android, and in turn Google generates a lot of revenue through these Samsung devices.

If this were to break down, both companies would lose a lot of revenue, but Google doesn’t want Samsung on other projects and Samsung doesn’t want Google being uptight.

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