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Google announces partnership with Ray-Ban maker for Google Glass!

Google has penned a deal with Oakley and Ray-Ban maker Luxottica, who owns around 12.4 percent of the eyewear market share and owns over 5,000 retail stores. Apparently Google reached out to the market to start creating frames for Google Glass, to boost its appeal to the mainstream audience.

Luxottica definitely has the market share and capabilities to sell Google Glass at a high-rate to fans of the two brands. The company said they would be aiming to offer innovative styles for the high-end tech, in a range of sizes, styles and combine the best in quality and performance.

This is the first third party partnership for Google Glass, after rumors of partnering with startup Warby Parker, it looks like Google wants to make the glasses more mainstream and decided to contact Luxottica to make different frames for glasses wearers who enjoy the Ray-Ban and Oakley brands.

Luxottica also controls two of the biggest retail stores for selling glasses, LensCrafters and Sunglass Hut. This will allow Google Glass to get sold alongside other glasses at retail stores and really give Google an advantage when it comes time to finally release the product.

This could make working with their vision insurance provider a lot easier, now they have retail stores people can check out if they want to get some money off their Google Glass purchase. We are not sure how much the retail version of Glass will be, hopefully around $1,000 will be knocked off the price.

Google Glass will most likely be revealed at I/O in June, where Google intends to reveal an extensive amount on Android Wear and finally launch Glass to the public, in a slightly new redesign with partners and more accessories.

Google Glass getting more style from Oakley, Ray Ban, Luxottica!

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