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Google Glass Tech Can Now “See” Your Emotions

A German research institution has come up with facial recognition software for Google glass that can help identify emotions, age and even gender – but not identity.


Dabbed the Sophisticated High-Speed Object Recognition Engine (SHORE), the new Glassware app will help you evaluate the persons you are talking to in terms of their emotions, age and gender. It was developed by Fraunhofer Institute for Integrated Circuits in Germany.


The institute has adapted SHORE facial recognition technology for the Google’s Internet connected headset. The app processes video in real-time on the Glass processor. The information obtained will never be sent up to the cloud so you need not worry about privacy concerns.

According to Fraunhofer, the technology took years to develop and uses a highly-efficient library of data built on the C++ programming language to analyze the human face.


With SHORE, the person talking to you can never hide their feelings; the information about their emotions will be superimposed next to their face. This way you will instantly know whether they are sad or happy, male or female, young or old.

Fraunhofer intends the app to be a communication aid to be used by people like those on the autism spectrum and therefore have trouble identifying emotions.
The organization also says the app could be used for market analyses and other commercial uses. The use of Google glass to help people is an issue that Glassware makers have been exploring.


Currently, the app is not available for download. It’s not clear whether Fraunhofer has built it into the app that it is soon to avail or if it is waiting to pair the tech with an app partner. Still, the SHORE app charts an unbeaten path through privacy concerns of facial recognition so that it can still be used to help people who need it.

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