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Google is likely to produce Lego-like modular displays that combine to create giant display


It is believed that Google is in the process of developing Lego-like modular displays made of smaller screen but are able to combine seamlessly to make one giant image.

The project is being undertaken by the company’s experimental division, Google X. The small screens will be able to combine in a variety of shapes and sizes.


Behind this project is a former Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) professor, Mary Lou Jepsen. She has wide experience in display technology and is the one who cofounded the One Laptop Per Child project that looked to develop cheap laptop computers that could be widely distributed in developing countries.

The project is still clouded in secrecy; neither the intended purpose of the project nor the size of each modular panel is known. Google has chosen to keep quiet about these.


According to a source privy to this project, Google is facing a challenge of finding a software solution to eliminate the visible seams at the boundaries of the modules. Google is currently involved in hiring display experts to handle this challenge.

Google acquired Gecko Design in August this year. Gecko Design is a product design and mechanical engineering company. It will work with Google X to design it products including this modular display.


Apart from this project, Google X is also in the process of developing self-driving cars, a modular smartphone, Google Glass, and a project to deliver Wi-Fi to developing countries from high flying balloons.

The Google Glass is a contact lens that diabetics could use to measure their blood-glucose levels.

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