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Google Play Store Update Adds Optional Password For Every Purchase

Google has started rolling out an update to the Play Store that brings a good amount of needed changes, including an optional “enter your password” setting for users to enable. This comes after Google was hit with a lawsuit for rather poor security when it comes to in-app purchases.

The update allows users to change security on in-app and store purchases, allowing users to set it to always prompting a “enter your password” or setting it to every third minutes. The user can still set it to “never”, although we believe Google will auto-set the device to every third minutes.


This puts in-app purchases in line with Apple’s iOS security and makes it easier for parents to allow their child on their device, without having to worry about the kid buying tons of in-app purchases for real-life money.

Google has also added content filtering and new permissions for in-app purchases, giving warnings to users that free apps contain in-app purchases. The new changes do add a lot of confirmation about apps before downloading them and the new security features mean the in-app purchasing methods cannot be abused by younger children.

In-app purchases have been the topic of debate for quite a while now in the tech world, many games exploit users with challenges that take days to complete, but can be finished in a matter of seconds with a small in-app purchase.

While some apps like Candy Crush appear to get away with offering these in-app purchases, other new games like Dungeon Keeper from EA have had a less than warm welcome. It all seems to depend on how hard and tiring the game is to complete without the need for in-app purchases.

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