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Google Play update allows users to pay through PayPal

Google has made a big change to the way they handle third party payment systems on Google Play, previously the only way to pay for virtual things was through a credit card, carrier payment or gift card, but now PayPal is on that list.

Google has made it clear PayPal cannot be used for purchasing mobile devices or accessories from the Google Play Store, users will still need a credit or debit card for those transactions.

Starting on Thursday, 12 countries will be able to take advantage of the new PayPal integration Those countries are: Austria, Belgium, Canada, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Spain, the US, and the UK.

Most of these countries are in Europe, except the United States. We are surprised to see Canada is not on the list, they normally get bundled into launch features because they are close to the US.

Two thirds of all revenue from the Google Play Store comes from outside the United States and PayPal is prominent in European countries as a way to pay for virtual and physical goods, we are glad to see it is now available on Android.

PayPal will obviously feel more welcome on Android and we may see further integration with the Google Play Store and the PayPal app on Android, allowing users to pay for micro-transactions and in-game currency.

We are not sure when a full rollout of PayPal will begin and what sort of issues Google has implementing PayPal in every country. We have to assume there is some issue preventing them from adding PayPal in Asia and South America.

Google is expected to expand the amount of currencies available on Android in the coming months, no news on if Dogecoin or Bitcoin will be available on the OS, we suspect not given the recent issues with Bitcoin and the informality of Dogecoin.

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