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Google Reveals Google Play Games Features Early

Google has revealed the Google Play Games new features a little early, someone on the developer blog page decided to post the information out a day before the actual release, revealing some of the new features that developers will be able to use on their Android and iOS mobile games.

The biggest new change in the Google Play Games update is virtual gifting, now players and developers can offer virtual gifts to friends and players of the game. This could be a way for developers to entice players to keep playing, getting free gifts if they do not play for an amount of time.

Virtual gifts can be sent to anyone on the player’s friends list on Google+ circles and this feature will be available to game developers on iOS who use Google Play Games API. We have yet to see a lot of games use Google’s own games API on iOS, possibly because Game Center exists.

Multiplayer support will be coming to Google Play Services on iOS, it is already available on Android. Google will also be adding a Unity plug-in onto the Google Play Games Service, allowing developers using the Unity engine to build their games and then port it onto Android easily.

Enhanced Play Games will offer out new statistics and analytics on what the user is doing in game and how they interact with in-game advertisements and in-game purchases. This will be important information for free to play games, to see if they are striking the mark between making money and offering a fun experience.

There is a few other little updates to existing services and features for developers to take advantage of, users probably won’t see any change on their games for a few months, considering developers first need to implement the new features onto their mobile games.

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