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Google surpasses Apple as the most valuable brand worldwide

Google has surpassed Apple as the most valuable global brand for the first time in the history of the two companies. The Search giant has been growing at a considerable rate over the past few years and it looks like they have beat Apple.

It is worth noting Apple still has a good $100 billion more in the bank than Google, meaning if they are the most “valuable brand,” Apple still has more money in the bank and in our opinion, a more notable brand name.

This is really where we consider Apple to be Kings, even though Google might be growing at a superior rate, places like China, Japan, Korea and other Asian companies crave for Apple products, like the iPhone and iPad.

Compare this to Google, China actually removed Google search and other services like YouTube and Gmail are not as prominent in the area, showing Asia’s lack of interest in Google services. Android is big in the area though, but most smartphones come with custom build UIs that remove Google apps.

The big thing for Google is the future, compared to Apple who have their sights on wearables, Google is working on wearables, Google Glass, self-driving cars, Internet balloons, modular smartphones, Google Fiber expansion and other weird and wonderful projects that may or may not work out.

If Google can make even one of these big projects work, it would be another huge revenue stream for the company. Self-driving cars may seem futuristic, but Google wants them out on the road in the next few years, alongside most of their moonshot projects they are working on now.

This drive to make the seemingly impossible available to the masses is Google’s next goal, they have $50 billion in the bank and enough revenue to keep them sustained for a few decades, now they want to change the world.


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