Google’s New Tool for Testing Websites’ Mobile Friendliness and Speed

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Last Updated: Jul 30, 2016

The use of mobile devices to access the web has seen steady growth in the last few years. In fact, most people access the internet through the web on their mobile phones than on their desktop.

The problem remain that some websites are still not making full use of the potential that this segment holds. This is one of the reasons that informed Google’s launch of this free toll for checking the speed of a website. A website’s loading speed is one of the essential factors used in determining how well the search engine ranks it.

What is this New Tool?

The new speed test tool by Google is known as Test My Site. All you have to do is paste the URL of the website you want to be tested. The Google tool will then reveal to you how well your site is performing. In most cases, it has been found that people leave websites within three seconds of arriving. This new tool is meant to help you reduce the bounce rate and potentially lead to more conversions.

When you put your site there, Google gives you some suggestions on how you can make your site faster. It analyzes different aspects of the website such as HTML, CSS, images, and scripts. It will then give your site a score from 1-100 on how it performs on mobile and web browsers. The most ironical thing about it, is that the Google website does not get a perfect score itself. It shows that this tool is unbiased and only interested in a better performance for your site. You can test your site on Test My Site on Think with Google.

Step 1:
Add the URL of the site you want to test in the space given. Then click on Test Now.

Step 2:
Now you will see the results depending on speed and structure of your site. This tool will score your site for desktop speed, mobile friendliness and mobile speed. It will also give the suggestions on what errors you need to fix in your site.
Google Test My Site

You can also get a complete report by just and additional updates on how you can improve your site in your mail.

This tool will also give you a list of platforms that will help you to build a user friendlysite.
Google Test My Site Details

What Does it Offer Site Owners?

Firstly, Google offers you links to some of the best site builders in the world. Ironically, it has left out site builders such as WordPress and Squarespace. The tool includes links to site builders like Duda, Wix, and Weebly. Besides building an entirely new site, these are the steps offered by the site as suggestions:

Image optimization is the first priority for this Google tool. This site will offer you suggestions on how you can minimize the images on your site. This will make them more easily accessible through mobile browsers. The first step you should use in optimizing images is using tools to compress the images. There are a number of tools available for this purpose. These include TinyPNG and These free tools will help you reduce by about 80% the size of images while maintaining the quality of your images.

If you want better loading times, you should also reduce the image dimensions. For instance, you may want to have a picture that is 200X2000 on the site, make sure that is what is on the server. Never have larger images than you want to appear on the site; it will interfere with image quality and give users a bad experience. Before uploading new images to the server, make sure they have been compressed and resized.

Google’s new tool also recommends that you get rid of render blocking. The main challenge will be how to ensure all JavaScript code is transferred to the footer from the header and body. This needs to be done for all the pages on the site. For those who have a WordPress platform, the Autopmize tool will help a great deal.

The tool also recommends that you enable compression on the site. It is relatively easy and is done in the server settings. Alternatively, you can call up support and tell them to do it for you. Simply inform them that you need the GZIP compression enabled on the server. This simple act can help boost the speed of your site by double.
mobile friendly


Most marketers still under estimate the power of mobile based browsing. The reason for this is that there are not enough tools to make sites better. However, Google is stepping up in a big way to assist site owners with this new tool. You should be able to see more traffic growth form mobile devices if you utilize this tool.

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