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GoPro Launches a Camera Harness for Dogs

Man’s best friend finally becomes a film-maker! GoPro has launched a camera that has made dog owners all over the world happy. The harness mount known as Fetch straps on your dog to capture all sorts of the dog’s daily event, whether they are busy fetching Frisbees, burying bones or just sniffing around.


Fetch fits on dogs weighing 15 to 120 pounds, and will let you capture video from two perspectives. This will ensure that you don’t miss out on any of your dog’s adventure.


According to GoPro, the front chest mount can be used for “for bone-chewing, digging and front-paw action,” while the back mount is “for over-the-head shots of running, jumping, fetch and more.”


Since dogs are playful, the back padded adjustable cloth harness is made to be water friendly, so the dog can roll around in the mud and even swim without any problem. And it is very easy to wash; you just toss it in the washer.

GoPro Fetch comes with camera ether to keep the GoPro sturdily in place when the dog bolts at a good clip, gets rough or rolls over and tumble with other dogs. So you need not worry about the device getting damaged.


Other companies have been leveraging the success of GoPro doggies-centred camera for sometime. There are already some decent Kurgus and Orvis brand dog harness for sale that were designed specifically to hold GoPro Hero cams.


These other options go for about $34 to $40. This is less than the GoPro’s device but do not have all the advantages of Fetch.
Fetch may eventually form part of film making in the future. Try it out one day and in the evening, sit back in your couch and watch the adventures of the man’s best friend.

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