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Hands On With Laser Projectors From Epson

The high-end LS9600e and LS10000 projectors from Epson use lasers to create large images on your screen. They boast 1,300 and 1,500 lumens respectively. They have huge motorized lens shift, contrast ratio, etc.


These projectors represent a big step up from the Epson projects of last year. The three main projectors are LCD, DLP and LCOS. The LS9600e and LS10000 projectors use a variant of LCOS called 3LCD Reflective. It is Liquid Crystal on Quartz.

The LS10000’s 4K Enhancement Technology does some trickery to get 3,840 by 2,160 pixels on your screen from 1,920 x 1,080 chips. The details about how this is done have not been reveled by Epson.


Even though the projector’s images will not appear as sharp as 1080p but it will accept 1080p content. It also has Super Resolution detail enhancement which increases apparent resolution.

The LS9600e lacks the 4K enhancement. Instead it has wireless HD transmitter which is a line of sight device that does 1080p/60 with no degradation.


The two projectors do not use UHP lap to create light, instead they use blue lasers. One blue laser hits a yellow phosphor which helps to split it to create green and red. The other laser creates blue light.

One of the advantages of using lasers is that they are able to go one and off quickly. This makes the projector work more or less like a TV. It also makes the projector to be easy to cool making the projector to be quiet, a great improvement from the past models.


Lasers also respond faster to changes in brightness so the light output can decrease right in line with the average video level. This improves dynamic contrast with less chance of the brightness pulsing.


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