Conditions of the heart Can Be Checked Via Smartphone

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Last Updated: Mar 28, 2018

Blood Pressure Apps

This instant blood pressure app is compatible with the IOS and Android software. Many of them are free, but some with high quality and precision charge a fee of not less than $5 for the user to download. Every year, these apps add new features that could monitor indicators such as cholesterol levels, heart rate, body mass index, salt, and calorie intake.

Heart attack Statistics shows that heart attack symptoms in women are due to stress, and other related issues. Women’s health is always a topic of discussion that has necessitated the use of smartphone health apps. This wireless technology is reducing the risk of heart failure symptoms in women. The app-based device takes real-time blood pressure measurement and pulse rate.

Also, conditions like heart disease and congestive heart failure are tracked with smartphone accessories with embedded sensors. These smart tools are easy to use and install. High blood pressure monitor apps in Smartphones are for people to readily take their blood pressure value, and promptly seek medical attention. Likewise, the effects of high blood pressure are dire, as over 75 million American adults are hypertensive.

This set of people battling heart attack and high blood pressure are 32% of the American population who desire a decreased blood pressure that will keep them in a safety health net. Surprisingly, older people in independent living are thriving in safe health with the use of smartphone-based blood pressure devices. For this aged member of the society, their health is the foremost issue at heart. Also, the best way for them to avoid congestive heart failure is to track and have the knowledge or early signs of a heart attack.

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How Does It Help?

There are smartphone apps that offer real-time visual feedback to the user about the blood pressure reading, and blood pressure heart rate. With a wearable technology that interfaces witch doctors and therapists, healthcare easy has never been easy like now.

As doctors monitor their patient’s health, they all can offer advice and prescription; telling them the blood pressure is too high. Therefore, the best way to control high blood pressure is to make it a daily habit.

Blood pressures that read 130/ 80 or higher mean the patient is hypertensive, as this value is too high. Of course, if patients neglect medical attention, and allow bad health to improve; their artery walls become narrow and harden. Consequently, the flow of blood to the heart will be blocked. Researchers from the Michigan state university released a survey that shows 45 percent of patients in the U.S with high blood pressure are unaware.
Also, in the developing countries where hypertension is a major killer, 55% of patients are unaware of their condition. To use the health app in reducing heart failure and other cardiovascular disease risks; measurements should be taken in a quiet room after 10 minutes of rest and conduct measurements repeatedly on daytime and evening time for about a week. Similarly, measurements should be taken before food, exercise or medication. There is a growing awareness of Smartphone-based apps amongst young people who are obese.

Also, the wireless technology is expected to be acceptable to 2 billion people before the end of the year. These apps come with notification, alarms and smart visual display. There are graphs to show measurements of high blood pressure. The information is helpful to reduce blood pressure and promote a balanced lifestyle. However, the trendy practice should not substitute medical evaluation, instead, there should be a seamless apps interface that gives information to their doctors.

Pulses tell you the strength of your blood flow, as blood moves to your heart and other parts of your body. More so, the heart rate shows how many times your heart beats in a minute. These are vital steps that push blood through within the walls of arteries as your heart pumps blood all through the body.

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Challenges of e-checks

There are over 200 smartphone applications that help people control high blood pressure. Smartphone health programs are the most accessible means of doctors accessing their patients’ health. Smartphone apps linked to high blood pressure are becoming a known cyber-therapy tool; as it has been of great benefit to the patients and medical professionals.

However, what is important is that healthcare providers should work with app developers to update these built-in blood pressure measurement programs with the pattern of new cases that are emerging.

In present-day reality, there are conflicts in results from the instant blood pressure app and a sphygmomanometer; as there were wide gaps when their readings are compared. Will this error which is not due to parallax be taken care of by app developers?

Heart attack statistics show that incidence of stroke and cardiovascular disease are becoming an everyday issue. Hence people can’t just wish themselves good health without monitoring their vitals. Similarly, there are cases of patients who have falsely believed that there was no cause for alarm, and their blood pressure was outside the hypertensive range.

However, healthcare app regulators should consider a strict control by ensuring that patients who download these smartphone-based apps disclose the idea to their doctors. These doctors must offer medical advice and check that the apps’ readings are suitable for use. In 2013 the U.S FDA began regulating three types of mobile healthcare apps that offer blood pressure guidelines:

  • Apps that act as an interface for patient data to be archived on a healthcare provider storage system where the information can be displayed.
  • Apps that ensure doctors can carry out a diagnosis with images from a healthcare device.
  • Apps that measures blood pressure by turning a tablet or smartphone or into medical devices.

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