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Here are 8 of the biggest technology mess ups

Technology is very tough to create and predict, and what may seem as a breakthrough product now, can turn out to be a grave mistake in the next minute.

Some cases like this have been witnessed in technology history as we discuss below:

Nexus Q
nexus Q

Nexus Q was a technology blunder. It was announced in 2012 and Google handed it out to everyone who attended the Google’s I/O conference. The response so was poor that Google pulled it off from its store.

Microsoft Kin

Microsoft Kin was a cool device but it was wrongly priced. Amazon gave up on it and sopped selling it in a few weeks.

Apple Lisa

Apple Lisa was overdesigned, slow and lacking in both affordability and usability.

Windows Vista

This was actually Windows 7 Beta. It was a horrible OS that was plagued with compatibility issues. It was also very slow such that no one would be willing to abandon Windows XP for it.

Nintendo 64 (Cartridges)

Many people love the N64, but leaving Sony is a painful fact that probably ended up hurting Nintendo more that it helped.


Alto had a mouse and a graphical UI. But instead of Xerox PARC licensing it, they let people like Bill Gates and Steve Jobs steal the idea to develop it later.

Microsoft Bob

Microsoft has a penchant for creating software that usually turn out to be a nightmare. Just like Vista, Microsoft Bob was another terrible mistake.

Netbooks’ hardware could barely support Windows making performing tasks on them quite frustrating.

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