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Here Are Useful And Fun Things You Can Do With Cortana On Windows Phone

Those who have used Cortana say it beats both Google Now and Siri for getting things done and having fun.

Cortana is much more than just a piece of voice software, bringing true personal assistance to a smartphone. It offers an intuitive interface that helps you find everything in the notebook.

Look at these things that you can do with Cortana:

Keeping track of your flights

Cortana will keep track and monitor all your flights. You will just see a prompt to ask you if you want it to monitor your flights.

Sports schedule and scores

If you enjoy playing and watching sports, Cortana will be your best companion. It will help you know about upcoming games and the scores of the previous games.

Identification of music

Whenever you want to know the names and artists of those songs that you enjoy let Cortana do the job for you. All of you music searches will also be in your Cortana notebook for later viewing.

Tell me a joke

Do you like jokes? Just tell Cortana “Tell me a joke”, and she will say them loud to you! They are interesting jokes that you can share with your family members.

Location-based reminders

Cortana will remind you of those little but important things that you are likely to forget. If there is something that you feel is important but you might forget, let Cortana handle that for you.

Setting person-aware reminders

With Cortana you can also set a person specific reminder so that when you call a particular person, it will remind you of what you had wanted to tell that person. These are the type of things that we only remember after disconnecting the phone and may be it’s too late to call back.

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