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Here’s A Backpack You Can Ride On – Watch How It Is done Here!

You will no longer need to carry your backpack and skateboard separately in case you will need both at the same time. Instead you can obtain Movpak which is an electric skateboard that easily folds into a backpack.

Movpack launched on Kickstarter on Wednesday and doesn’t come cheap. The early-bird specials will get you a board from the first production run at $999. And after that tier, the price will jump to $1,190 for the first batch. $1,299 will get you a board from the second run.


When it will be available through the traditional channels early next year, the price will go up to $1,999, almost the same as previous electric skateboards that were funded through Kickstarter. This means the earlier you acquire one, the cheaper you will get it.


Those who have tested the skateboard-cum-backpack said it makes getting around a lot more fun. You will manage to clock a speed of 15mph with a range of 9 miles. This can serve you well when you are moving around town or when going to work. In fact it is better than using a bicycle or sharing a public vehicle if you can’t use your car.


The backpack looks odd sitting at the back of the skateboard but it is useful as a stabilizer for new riders. Movpack has a wireless controller included so you don’t have to kick to get it going, you only need to lean slightly into the bag with your rear for a smooth ride.


The Movpack is fun when you are on it but it is a bit heavy when you have to carry it. It weighs 17 pounds, but given that it is both a backpack and a skateboard the weight is acceptable compared to carrying the two separately, so we need not be so hard on the Movpack.Its battery can also be used to charge other devices such as your phone so you don’t need to keep looking for power outlets.

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