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Here’s an app that will lock your kid’s phone until they call you back

Are your kids ignoring you when you call them? Well, this can be quite embarrassing. Fortunately, a new app has been built that will literally force your child to call you.


The app, called “Ignore No More”, allows you to lock your child’s phone from afar, if they are ignoring your calls, with a password of your choice. The child will only be able to get unlock his/her phone by calling you to give them the password. It is an Android app that goes for $1.99.


Installing this app is very easy. This is what you need to do:
Download the Ignore No More app then create an account using some of your basic information. Don’t share the information with those whose phones you want to lock.


Find your child’s phone and download the app again. Launch it and log in using your information. A screen will appear asking you whether you are setting it up for parent r child – select Child; unless you want to impose restrictions on your spouse.

Enter your child’s name. A screen full of permissions will pop up – Select Activate. Exit the app then open your Contacts folder. Scroll down the Groups section until you see ICE – emergency contacts.

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Select that category; the only number it contains will be 911. Add your number and email, and any other number/contact you would want the child to try when his/her phone is locked, then you will be done!

The next time you want to track your child, just open the app on your phone and select his/her name.

Create a password then select the option to lock your child’s phone. Call him/her; if he/she doesn’t pick up his/her phone will be locked immediately.


If you don’t call your child immediately you lock his/her phone, the app will kick in at an unspecified time. This means you will have to wait for an hour or two for the child to desperately call.

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