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Here’s Ralph Lauren’s new smart shirt

It appears as if everything is going smart. Here is a Polo Tech shirt with was made with the help of Omsignal, a Canadian tech firm.


The shirt has built-in sensors that will track your heart rate and movements. It then sends the data to an iOS app via a Bluetooth-enabled box on the shirt. The box can be detached when you want to wash the shirt.


The Polo shirt is designed to take the place of a standalone fitness tracker or heart rate monitor.

The main problem with the shirt seems to be how tight it fits. David Lauren, the senior vice president of advertising, marketing and public relations tried to give an explanation for this. He said that it is important for the sensors to be close to the body. That’s when they can give an accurate read-out.


But he said that as the technology evolves, the company will consider making other athletic apparel including normal clothes like dresses, suits and ties.

Another challenge that Mr. Laureen indicated is that of how to attach the sensors into different kinds of fabrics. “We wanna look at everything,” he said.


He went further to say that for them to make headway in the production of athletic apparel; they have to find a solution to the accuracy problem. And the Bluetooth-enabled box is also hopped to get smaller with time as well.

Right now it is very conspicuous and is actually distracting. According to Ralph Lauren’s spokesperson, “The box could one day have a more discreet design; something the size of a button, perhaps”.

The app has not problems. It is well designed and sleek. From an iOS devise, users can see their heart rate, steps taken, breathing rate, calories burnt, etc.


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