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How Virtual And Augmented Reality Are Revolutionizing Medicine

Virtual Reality brings rich three-dimensional virtual worlds that makes video games come to life. However, this technology also has a huge impact on the advancement of medicine.VE-HuNT-System-virtual-reality-University-of-California-San-Diego-e1408631794108

Here is how virtual and augmented reality is improving the diagnosis and treatment of certain diseases and other health conditions:

  1. Virtual reality can make it easier for medical experts to diagnose and treat cognitive decline such as dementia and memory failure, according to a project from the University of California’s Qualcomm Institute.
  2. Virtual reality is an effective technology used as a therapy method for adults and children who have autism spectrum disorder. Researchers from the University of Texas Dallas use virtual reality social cognition training to improve the conditions of patients with autism.
  3. Through the exposure therapy called Bravemind, researchers from the University of Southern California’s Institute for Creative Technology has found a way to conveniently remove post-traumatic stress among patients.
  4. Augmented reality cures phantom limb pain through the experiment done by researchers from Sweden’s Chalmers University of Technology.
  5. The Google Glass app MedicAR can now improve the accuracy of surgeons. Google Glass’s augmented reality can help surgeons see the medical process step by step and superimposed.



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