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How women can progress in their tech careers

Many women tend to look for ‘mom’ positions while seeking for employment. What exactly does a ‘mom’ position mean? Well, from their own perspective, this is a position that can allow them to be late or to leave early once in awhile during the course of the week as they have to attend to some family matters.

What these women don’t understand is that when a company engages you as an employee they need you fully on board and to be creative no matter what the situation might be. Managers at a startup don’t want to hear that you won’t prioritize your new work position and instead dwell on your own personal issues.

Office hours are very important to employers and they wouldn’t trade it for anything else, unless you can provide another option that can let the work to be done and that is where technology comes in.

Some women would prefer to telecommute. This works well, but still for a tech professional like an engineer, you may be missing out on important group conversations and connections.

You can spend the core part of your day’s work in the office with others then complete other tasks later at home as long as you remain connected and engaged in tasks as needed. But you can only do this if you take advantage of all the tech solutions that are available today.

Engineering and other tech professions are quite dynamic and it is only through engagement with your peers that you can keep at per with them. There are also some tasks that you can never complete on your own; they need you to be in the office and to work with others in a team. You need to stay on top of what is happening at the company and be an integral part of the team.

There are certain companies that will allow you to work fully online so you need to move with the current technology for you to benefit from that kind of arrangement. Still most tech companies will require that you be available at certain particular times only for questions and to attend to any issues that may arise.

Work-life balance is important, but you can’t have it all. To be part of a growing startup, it may not be reasonable to be present only during office hours and then remain disconnected throughout the remaining hours, you need to be easily accessible 24/7. This is the case for all tech professionals, male or female.

As a woman, you don’t need to apologize for being one neither do you need to apologize for being pregnant. Do not let your being a woman stand in the way of your career.

At an interview the question should not be about a ‘mom’ job but about what the company is creating and how great it is going to be; what you can offer the company and the best way you are going to do it. You can get the job done provided you have the right tools. Why would a qualified tech professional ask about her work hours?

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