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HTC has released 5 Tutorial videos to guide users on its new Eye Experience software

HTC introduced the HTC Desire EYE smartphone and also unveiled its new Eye Experience software last week.

The software will be available on some recent HTC phones as an update. Already it is being rolled out for HTC One M8 along with Android 4.4.4 update.

The videos about the new software detail various features of the Eye Experience software and how to use them.

This first video shows the Face Tracking and Screen Sharing feature that you can use during a video call. Face tracking stabilizes the images of all callers and arranges them in a grid.

This second video shows how the Split Capture can be used to capture videos using both the rear and front cameras simultaneously.

This third video show two ways of taking selfie: Voice Selfie and Auto Selfie. You only need to say “Capture” or “Cheese” and the phone will automatically take your picture. But if you want to take a selfie video, the recording will start when you say “Action”.

This fourth video is about Live Makeup feature. Users can adjust the smoothness of their skin before taking a selfie.

This last video shows the Face Fusion feature where users can merge their face with someone else’s to see how it would look like.

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