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HTC looking to port in-house apps onto Google Play store

HTC has started to work on their own brand features and apps, like BoomSound, Ultrapixel and Zoe, but they have all stayed on HTC devices only, meaning the rest of Android cannot share the software.

It looks like HTC is preparing to launch Zoe, the short video, on the Google Play store in the next few weeks. This is the only current app HTC can port, since it is all software, whereas BoomSound and Ultrapixel camera need the hardware component.

Zoe captures burst shot images and recreates them into a short video. The end result is something similar to Vine or Instagram Video, but unlike both of these services, Zoe has not been that popular amongst its users.

It still only has the basic video functionality, making it a redundant version of Vine. HTC Creative Labs, a new setup, should be able to fix some of these problems, and will also be the unit in charge of making more services.

HTC Creative Labs is an interesting idea, basically this is a team set away from the main manufacturing side, working only on creative services, which will hopefully become popular on the Google Play store.

The hope is that, once one service gets popular, HTC phone sales will start to naturally increase, especially if the app has an exclusive period on HTC or newest updates come first to customers who have a HTC device.

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