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If you own Galaxy S5, here is how you can extend its battery life

Everyone wishes their battery would last forever but that’s impossible. Very few smartphones go beyond 10 hours of continuous usage.


If you own Galaxy S5, here are some tips that can help you get a longer battery life:

Lower the display brightness
Display consumes a lot of power in many smartphones. Lowering the phone’s display brightness will save power greatly. The dimmer the screen, the less battery power you are drawing.


Disable Wi-Fi
Your smartphone will continuously search for available connection when your Wi-Fi is turned on and you are not connected to a Wi-Fi. This will suck power from your battery.

Turn off the GPS
GPS is a very important tool when you want to find directions. But most cases you will find that you don’t need it and it would therefore be wise to turn it off rather than let it eat into your battery life.


Switch off Bluetooth
Your phone uses it Bluetooth radio to connect to other devices like speakers and headsets. You may not need these devices at all times, so instead of letting your Bluetooth to reduce your phone’s battery life, you may consider switching it off.


Disable Vibrate
The vibration mode drains battery faster than other modes of alert when someone calls you. This is worse when you are getting many calls and notifications and when it vibrates whenever you touch the screen.

Turn off Sync
Syncing is the process by which your phone repeatedly sends requests to Facebook, email, Twitter and other apps in order to receive updates from them. Usually it doesn’t use much power but the little it uses could be saved if you turn it off.


Enable Airplane mode
The airplane mode is designed to turn off all of your phone’s available wireless connections. These include 4G LTE data, voice capabilities, etc. By enabling it you will definitely extend your battery life.


Turn on Power Saving mode
There is a special power saving mode on the newer Galaxy smartphones. Turn it on to improve your phone’s battery life.


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