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improveit! 360 builds software for home improvement industry

Customer relation is the heartbeat of every business. It doesn’t matter how much you invest or how much research you have done. If you are poor at customer relations, the business will never take off.

Many customer relationship management (CRM) software are available in the market. So if you have a problem dealing with customers you better look for these software.
If you are in home improvement or if you have visited a home improvement site then you must have experienced the services of improveit! 360.

improveit! 360 has built software tailored for the home improvement industry. Initially it was being installed on a client’s computer system but today it is delivered via mobile apps through the cloud.

improveit! 360 says it has built its own business management platform which is based on Salesforce a cloud computing system.

This software helps companies in tracking leads, manage jobs, and report on their activities and schedule appointment.

The software is able to integrate with the client’s existing software whether it is delivered in the cloud or through mobile apps.

improveit! 360 goes further than just selling the software, it also offers training to the company’s user’s prospects and help them run their business better.

They create content which they distribute it to everyone with blog posts, articles, videos, webinars, and more on topics as sales and marketing, and business management and operations. They also give away what a lot of other companies charge for by taking advantage of the wealth of knowledge and experience of their team.

“And we’re not a bunch of stuffy software developers – you should see our Meet the Team page or our Limbo contest video – we go the extra mile to give our customers what they need, make them smile, and help them succeed,” said Justin Showers, the company’s director of Marketing.

Well, for a company that deals in the production of CRM software, improveit! 360 must lead from the front by showing other business owners how to deal with customers. That is why most of their activities are carried out with the customer in mind.
But how did improveit! 360 begin? improveit! 360 is actually an offshoot of another successful business. As it is said, necessity is the mother of invention. When Big 50 Remodelers needed a better system to run their business, it created its own. What resulted was a very wonderful software that other companies wondered whether they could buy to help manage their own businesses.

In 2009 improveit! 360 migrated from physical software installation and moved its software service to the cloud.
Cloud Computing
And this has helped them a lot as Showers says, “This gave us the chance to offer this solution to everyone with Internet access. With no software to buy or upgrade, i360 was easier to use, easier to update, and faster to improve. We take input from our users and apply the most popular changes several times a year.”

improveit! 360 hopes to make it big given the fact that this software is able to integrate with client’s software making it to be easily acceptable.

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