Infant Prosthetic Arm Designed By the Father Brings Hope to Others

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Last Updated: Apr 21, 2017

Prosthetics requires experience, technical know-how, and experience in design. However, this did not stop a father from finding a suitable solution for his young infant child. Ben Ryan is the father who has designed, developed and provided a definite solution for children with amputated limbs. His inspiration results from his child or son who has an amputated arm. He claims that it was amputated after he was born not long after and he has dedicated his life to developing prosthetics for children just like his son through his business start the Ambionics.


Sol born in March 2015 was diagnosed with a clot in his left lower arm. This led to the removal and amputation of that specific arm. Seeking a solution, Ryan looked for potential prosthetic arms but was informed that his son was too young for one. In fact, he had to wait for three more years before a prosthetic arm was availed to his son. Looking for an alternative in non-functional but cosmetic prosthetics, he was informed he had to wait for at least a year.

Child Development

Ryan knew that if his son was to develop wearing a prosthetic, it was better done in his early years. This is mainly because an infant develops in relation to their environment and the prosthetic will improve his mobility and movement including the use of both his hands is advisable. This is when it hit that he needed a prosthetic sooner rather than later. He checked a foam prosthetic since it was his first option after the others were declined but ended up with a 3D hydraulic arm printed prosthetic arm which ensured sol could move his thumb.


Design Designing the prosthetic was done using a Microsoft Xbox Kinet. He used the scanner to develop a 3D scan of his son’s arm, which was later to be used to develop the prosthetic. He then plugged the scanner to his laptop and set off to work. Relying heavily on a design software since he had minimal knowledge of design, he took around five days to accomplish the design with the help of the Autodesk fusion 360 design software.

He later used the Stratasys’ Connex to print the hydraulic prosthetic. He continuously worked to develop the best and most fitting prosthetic. However, many of the designs failed but he finally made it. He designed one that allowed Sol the pleasure of opening up his thumb through the flexible actuators and the power splitting unit. These enable opening of the thumb as if a pressure from compressed pump is being released.

DAHB Mechanism

This is the processes described above in the opening and closing of the thumb that is similar to a hydraulic pump. The DAHB mechanism is a success, which amazed many people. However, Ryan says that if it wasn’t for the printer’s i.e. Stratasys’ Connex ability to print and combine soft and hard materials, the success would not have been achieved. He is grateful for the technology that made the prosthetic arm a success and ensured the project was cost efficient. He says that his dream of assisting other children like Sol is coming to fruition with the success of the Prosthetic arm for Sol.

Furthermore, it will cover the delays and other constraints associated with other manufacturers.
DAHB Mechanism

Funding Campaigns

With the achievement of the Ryan as Sol’s father, he is aiming to improve and launch a crowd funding for his invention in Ambionics. He aims to find the finances to kick start his prosthetics project and take it off the ground. He is in search of 150, 000 pounds to aid him in his research and in the development of the arms for other children like Sol. Furthermore, he will require paying for certifications and having his product approved not including intellectual property and patent costs.

Benefits of Ryan Prosthetics

Apart from being suitable for infants, the prosthetics are desired with light materials making them a lightweight, are not sewed together with screws and other harmful substances for infants at that age and adapt to the child’s body, are powered by it and help children adapt to its feeling on their body.
Benefits of Ryan Prosthetics

Expert Opinion

This is an amazing achievement. Other designers such as Paul Sohiare amazed and intrigued by its innovative and the ambitious nature of this specific project. He has worked on the project with Ryan and indicates the effectiveness through which Ryan effected in to the project. In fact, Paul thinks that the project is something to be proud off, a project that will streamline some of the challenges that parents and children are facing today.

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This is a father’s dream for his child but has advanced and become a worldwide dream for many other fathers and parents. People facing similar challenges now have a definite solution; one that does not affect their children negatively and one that ensures their needs are well met. Ryan has made all fathers around the world proud and the realization of his Ambionics Company’s dream is something the world is proud of.

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