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Instagram looking to swap Foursquare for Facebook Places integration

Instagram is looking to change location provider, from Foursquare to Facebook Places, in another move to integrate first party services over third parties. Facebook has had a very hands off approach to integration with Instagram and this is a big move to make sure their services are used instead of competitors.

Foursquare will still be an option when checking in locations on Instagram, but Facebook Places will be the default option when checking in. Facebook Places is seen as an inferior social location service compared to Foursquare, but users may not see much difference and any real Foursquare users will continue to use this service on Instagram.

Instagram said they are constantly testing user experience to find the most optimal way to share photos and videos on Instagram, including revealing locations. It does feel like more of a move to integrate Facebook into the social app, similar to Instagram disconnecting from Twitter in the early stages of the acquisition.

For anyone who cannot remember, Facebook acquired Instagram for $1 billion and was one of the first billion dollar acquisitions, followed quickly by Tumblr and Waze. Facebook recently acquired WhatsApp for $19 billion, quite a huge sum in comparison to Instagram.

Facebook Places integration

WhatsApp has not seen any integration yet and we believe Facebook will work on the app the same way they did with Instagram, slowly weeding out the competitors and replacing them with Facebook own services.

Facebook is looking to try and be the hub of our social lives, with WhatsApp for messaging, Instagram for taking photos and Oculus VR for social gaming. It all seems a bit fuzzy right now, Facebook might just be acquiring companies for the sake of having the technology available.

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