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10 premium video sharing options

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Last Updated: Jul 11, 2014

100 million internet users are turning to video each month as a way to reach a market online. Video provides the best opportunity to connect with thousands of potential clients.

Many businesses use YouTube to share free videos, but many premium video distribution channels have hit the market. These are great for how-to videos, webinars or tutorial content that you may want people to pay so as to access.

Below are 10 premium video sharing options that are worth your consideration;

YouTube paid channels
Apart from the free sharing platform, YouTube also offers a paid version of its sharing tool. With the paid channels, there is a monthly or yearly subscription fee. Currently, there are 125 paid YouTube channels.

Viddler subscriptions
This also has a free version and a paid version. It offers three ways to make money from your videos. They include advertising, reselling and subscriptions.

Subscription allows you to create a branded store that invites people and looks professional.

Vimeo on demand
This has a feature that lets people pay for the programming they want on demand. It has easy to use tools, and the subscription fee starts at $.99; you keep 90 percent of the subscriptions.

Easy webinar
This has a tool that lets you charge for webinars and get access to analytics that help you understand your audience.

It also offers a Social Share Incentive that gives users free gifts if they share your webinar on social media.

Youreeeka offers an 80/20 split on the profit, but its revenue model is similar to that of easy webinar. It has embeddable Flash Player so you don’t have to wait for people to find content on the site. It is great for those who want to drive traffic and profit from multiple angles.

This is the world’s first open market place for video. It allows you to set the price for your videos and they are distributed to Videolla social network.

Viewers have the option to pay and have an ad-free streaming or view your video free with ads.

This is different because of its pricing model. It charges 5 percent of your video’s price plus $.25. It can make huge different when you count on every penny from your revenue.

You get payments after every two weeks through PayPal or through your bank account. It is therefore an easy and safe way to venture into monetizing videos.

Sellfy allows you to sell many digital products including music, ebooks, software etc, on a single marketplace.

It allows you to promote your own network or work with affiliates to advertise your videos after which you can look at your dashboard to see which of your products and moving.

Pulley helps you sell music, photographs, digital art, fonts, software, ebooks, and other downloadable products in one place.

It has a user-friendly dashboard which enables you to see which products you are selling and how well each is doing.

Vidstore offer great marketing and promotion tools like video trailers, SEO promotion, affiliate programs, promotion codes, and search engine marketing to drive more traffic.

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