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3 Alternative Web Browsers You Have Probably Not Heard About

Whenever we talk about web browsers the ones that come into the minds of the majority of people include Firefox, Safari, Chrome and Internet Explorer.


These are not the only explorers out there. There are hundreds of them on the market. One thing is true, though. Most of these browsers are just evolved versions of Firefox, Chrome and Internet Explorer.

Chrome is built on Chromium which is an open source browser project, and Firefox is also open source. This means any developer can take their codes and add or remove some parts and come up with a completely new browser.

Let’s have a look at some of these hitherto unknown browsers to many people.

WhiteHat Aviator (You can get it at


This is a browser that does not collect any private data. It is great if you don’t want any ads or video auto-plays. WhiteHat Aviator uses DuckDuckGo which is a privacy-focused search engine that doesn’t link search history to the user.

Citrio (This can be found at


This is a browser particularly tailored to those who like to download contents. It is equipped with a download manager and bit-torrent client to speed up downloads to five times faster the normal download speed.

Midori (You can find this at


This is meant for those who are not interested in the complexities of the modern browsers, including social media integration, extensions, and tons of other stuff that might not add value to this class of people. It is perfect for those with old computers.

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