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Facebook App To Let User Set Panoramic 360-Degree Photo as Cover

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Last Updated: Oct 1, 2018

Facebook continues to be a large ally of 360-degree video and photos, including support for immersive media types in early stages on Facebook by itself. Right now, the social technology company is including support for taking 360-degree pictures right inside the Facebook application itself.

The capability of the 360-degree photo is moving out throughout both Android and iOS beginning today and consists of the capability to tag friends and zoom. It is additionally right now feasible to make use of 360-degree photos (from any kind of source) as the Cover Photos.

It is the first update to file format support Facebook made for the Cover Photo since the introduction.

360-degree photos usually act as normal photos on Facebook, which means you can easily post them to the Timeline, show them in photos together with some other standard photos, and include them to groups.

Also capturing utilizing the Facebook camera is made to be as simple as it is possible most, with Facebook taking the help of computer vision instantly to stitch the photos right after you turn your Smartphone to shoot this panorama-style.

Panorama Style

Here is how you can get 360 photos in Facebook based on Facebook itself, a professional on the topic, should you desire to give this a shot:

  • First of all, open the Facebook application and click on the option of “360 Photo” from top of the News Feed actually where you update the status
  • Now click the blue switch and stick to the route from the start to end till you have taken a full panorama
  • Now, select the desired “starting view” inside the photo and then share

How Can You Post The 360-Degree Photo To Facebook?

Chances are, you have definitely discovered an interactive image while searching the Facebook feed. This kind of images guides you to keep your Smartphone up and then move this around to see various parts of the image.

It is an enjoyable method of watching alleged 360-degree images. And will make one think you require expensive or fancy equipment for making this happen.

The fact is; still, you do not require a unique camera and even a 360-degree image application for uploading your interactive photo.

Devoted Camera Does Not Need To Use

Devoted Camera Does Not Need To Use
However, should you desire to jump on the 360-degree camera movements; there is a precious list of the cameras Facebook legally facilitates:

  • Panono
  • 360Fly
  • IC RealtechALLie
  • LG 360Cam
  • Samsung Gear360
  • Giroptic 360Cam
  • Ricoh ThetaS

Every one of these 360-degree cameras can easily shoot your whole environment in a solitary shot; however, arrive at a high price in most cases.

Your Smartphone Is The Greater Choice:

Possibilities are you have a tablet or phone which will work with the brand new feature of Facebook. Based on Facebook, anything more recent than an iPad Mini 2 iPhone 4S, (240.48$ at or possibly iPad Pro and iPad Air model can be used.

Facebook does not list a collection of Android gadgets (let’s be truthful, that list might be way too long), however, does particularly state utilizing a Galaxy device more recent compared to Samsung Galaxy Note 3 or Galaxy S5 will certainly work much better.

The Not-Too-New Technique

Not-Too-New Technique
Normally, not only any ol’ image will certainly work with 360-degree viewers of Facebook, so what is the trick?

You have to utilize the camera application on your device for taking a panorama shot. That’s all you need to do. You most likely have a few in the camera roll now, simply waiting to be published and then shared with the world of Facebook.

Or even you can move one stage further and utilize Google Street View ( iOS or Android) application for taking a genuine 360-degree image sphere and then upload this.

There is one point to keep in thoughts whenever capturing a panorama for uploading: Facebook says this particular feature will simply work with the images which are actually 100 degrees or even larger.

Regrettably, there is no simple method to view exactly how large a picture is (when it comes to degrees), whenever you do not want to shoot the complete landscape, you will need to do a little “learning from mistakes” to obtain a much better concept of the proper size.


Finally, uploading the panorama image to Facebook is carried out utilizing the exact same strategy to upload almost all your other images: Simply open Facebook > tap on Photo > choose a photo > post. Additionally, you cannot upload a lot more than one panorama image each time.

In case, right after publishing the image, you wish to alter starting view, then you can perform so through modifying the image on your PC.

Click the icon of wireframe circle, after that the paintbrush. Pull the image to wherever you desire the “starting view” to be, after that click on save.

Also, you can “Revert” a 360-degree image back to the panorama image if you want. Once again, click the wireframe accompanied by a paintbrush, after that uncheck box alongside “Display It as a 360-degree photo” and click on Save.

In case you encounter any kind of problems, Facebook offers a support page just for 360-degree images.

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Follow the steps to set up a 360-degree photo as your FB cover photo. Make your friends amazed when they surf your profile.

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