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4 Gmail Hacks to Help you Work More Efficiently!

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Last Updated: May 26, 2015

If you have a Google Mail account and the very same features you had when you signed up at the first place, then it might be that you lack something. Just by installing a few tweaks can make a big difference and could mean more productivity and speed.

Gmail is one of the most flexible programs ever designed, and it has given a high rise to an entire ecosystem of add-ons, so to speak. The Gmail service is probably the most popular out there and has many tricks up its sleeve.

Users can endow their emails with superpowers that go further than just sending and receiving messages. If you ever found yourself frustrated with your email, do not despair, there is always a quick fix. Here some of the ways to trick your inbox and get work done faster:

1. Undo Messages Sent
It has happened to all of us at some point. We hit the send button to fast, and now regret that, and feel a panic attack coming in. But you probably did not know that you can undo the messages sent. Just click on the gear icon located on the right side, and select Settings. Then simply go to Labs, scroll down a bit and you should be able to see an option “Undo Send”, choose “Enable”. That’s all; the panic attack is over.

It would be a good idea to save the current features for some future times. For new users of Gmail, this feature can be found at Labs section where the developers test new features. Note that they can sometimes disappear or break.

2. Faster Loading
If you are in a hurry and need to check your emails very fast, but it takes a lot of time for the messages to load, there is one thing you can do about that particular issue. Just simply switch over to the basic mode. To do that, you will have to add “/? ui=html” to the end of your URL. If you choose to do that, your messages will load the version without the JavaScript.

Unfortunately, many of other modern Gmail features will not work. However, you will get an instant access to your messages, which is the main purpose of the prior actions.

3. Custom Themes

This feature is pretty much hidden, and if you feel like your current Gmail background is boring in some way, now you can do something to change that. You can upload one of your images and stop the boredom.

All you have to do is select “Themes” from gear and scroll down to “Custom Themes”. That will lead you towards the “Light” or “Dark”. Those features are all about choosing the right color you wish to have for your emails and to the font as well. Once there, click “Select a background image”. That will give you the opportunity to choose your image. You are done; now you have a completely new background.

4. Use Stars
The star function is a lot of fun and enables users to mark quickly messages that are of high importance to them. However, the email service has a vast range of symbols and star colors. Take a quick glance of your Settings and just scroll down towards the “Stars”. That will enable you to pick a star and a matching color you like to be used from now on. Of course, you can change them as many times as you like.

Use Stars

All these features are there to make your life and work a bit easier, but of course you have to know how to find them. Every problem most probably has an easy fix.

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