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4 steps that will make you a better blogger

According to the research and data provided by the Technorati, each and every day there are more than 2 million blogs that are posted. With this tremendous amount of posts how do you make a breakthrough?

How do you create content that will be intriguing and attracting? The first and the most important thing is that you understand what it takes, and the secrets to being a top-notch blogger. Here are four factors to consider when creating your content so that it can be worth viewing.

Be creative with your content ideas. Most bloggers face the challenge of creating new ideas. If you want to attract the intended audience you have to learn to how generate new ideas for all your blogs. If you wish to keep your ideas fresh you will have look for ideas from different niches. Be informed always, get to know the current issues; this you can do through paying attention to news outlets, blogs, and online chats.

Make use of the editorial calendar. The research report from Orbit Media Studios shows that 14 percent or bloggers do not have a consistent pattern of publishing their content. Most bloggers are not aware of how often they post.
There are various tools in the web that bloggers can utilize to construct their editorial calendar. Most bloggers for example find Google Drive and CoSchedule efficient for this purpose. These two platforms are perfect for content creation, sharing and also give you the free storage.

Create original and quality content always. Most unsuccessful bloggers believe in quantity instead of quality. If you produce content that is not pleasing it doesn’t matter how much you produce, your content will not attract the intended audience.

According to the research carried out by Orbit Media Studios in June 2014, 54percent of bloggers spend a maximum of 2 hours to create a blog post. And only 5 percent spend a minimum of 6 hours to do the same. This shows that most bloggers don’t produce quality but believe in quantity.

Be creative, create original not spun content and centralize on quality if you wish to be on top of the list. If you wish to create quality content try and implement the Google’s Expertise, Authority and Trustworthiness test (E-A-T test). If you are a blogger with the reputation of an expert, you will definitely increase your chances of higher website ranking.

Ensure you do enough research and spend more time in the editing process. A well-researched content is definitely of good quality and more likely original. There is a big difference between a well-researched content and that which is not well-researched on.
When writing your content, include statistics and facts, this adds value to your articles. You should also ensure you do not take the editing process for granted; it is one of the most important processes of creating a marvelous article. This is because it is during this process that you correct all the mistakes you made. According to the Orbit Media Studios, 73 percent of bloggers take the editing process into consideration.

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