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AirKey is a new security platform, utilising NFC smartphones

Developers are starting to look at home security as a potential market for the mobile and AirKey has a solution for commercial and consumer needs, to maintain security on all their doors, without having to use a traditional lock.

The AirKey security platform consists of a new lock cylinder that replaces the old lock and an online Web-based application, where the owner of the AirKey system can assign different privileges to other members.

For a business, this means AirKey could be installed and the admin would be able to set different privileges for different staff members. Instead of having a physical key, they get through the door with their NFC smartphone or key-card.

This does tighten the security grid around a business, allowing certain areas to be blocked off from any unauthorised personnel. It also allows admins and owners to get into every area without using different sets of keys.

For educational facilities, AirKey can be used to keep students out of areas they are not supposed to be in. It can also be used for hospitals, stopping patients from wandering into restricted zones and allowing family members to visit.

AirKey will offer the hardware cylinder and key-cards at a price, they will also make money from businesses from “key-credits,” which allow the business to change the authorisation level of any employee.

The Web based software and mobile app will both come free of charge. AirKey has a good business model for large companies, as they employ more staff, they need to purchase more credits, and this will start to ramp up in cost.

We are interested to see what AirKey can deliver to businesses and whether it will be adopted in Europe, where the company EVVA is based. The company has been working on security for over “100 years” according to the video.

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