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Amazing ways to promote your blog

Blogs are very important for engagement and even for making cash. How do you feel when no one comments or shares your posts? This can be a matter of concern. But there are tips here that you can follow to ensure that you get traffic to your blog.

Choose popular or trending subjects in your niche
Do a lot or research in your niche and find out what is trending. People tend to follow this line of discussion until another new thing happens. You will notice that whenever something happens even Google will report that there are a lot of searches on the topic.
Concentrate on your niche
Readers will tend to visit your blog once they know it deals in a particular niche and has current information. Concentrating on your niche will also ensure that you get audience that can engage you in a discussion.

Choose controversial subjects within your niche
Controversial subjects tend to draw people’s attention and bring a lot of heated debates. This is a sure way of directing traffic to your blog.

Intentionally make some of your posts controversial, take the opposing viewpoint from the majority to get the people talking. But you have to ensure that your arguments are based on facts.
You can also ask questions that invite discussion. Make the readers feel that they need to respond to your post either by asking you questions or trying to provide an answer to your post.

Post as many times as you can
This is just a game of numbers. The more posts you have the greater the probability that many readers will notice them. And remember to cover broad base of topics with varying degrees of depth.

And in your posts, remember to bold and italicize key points. This will make them outstanding which is a great way of drawing the attention of your readers to your articles. You can also use colors but sparingly as too much color can also turn off some readers.

Choose catchy titles
Good titles will drag people to read your posts. When your title is catchy many people will click on it to find out more about it. It is the title that may make someone read your post or ignore it.
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And you also need to optimize the titles for Google, Bing and other search engines. Keep them short, include a topic phrase and be specific.

Use casual language
Casual language will make you appear approachable and that is what readers want. Strive to develop a casual tone in your posts to encourage reader to engage you in discussions. You also need to be careful with your spelling and grammar.

Consider a video series and compelling images
Video is very attractive and you can use them to drive your point home or to demonstrate a process, and as the old adage goes, a picture is worth a thousand words. Choose intriguing videos and images that are clear and relevant to your topic of discussion.

Respond to users’ comments
Just like you would also not like it when no one comments on your post, readers feel the same. By responding to their comments, they will feel that you value their contribution and this will make them to be regular visitors of your blog.

There are many other ways that you can use to make your blog tick, may be you can add yours here.

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