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Android defeats iOS on ‘web usage’ for first time in platform’s history

After Android surpassed iOS in users, Apple needed to find new ways to make sure iOS looked the best. One statistic that has worked for them over the years is “web usage”, a place where iPhone and iPad users beat all of Android.

This is supposed to represent the fact iOS users do more on their devices than their Android counterparts. Tim Cook once said Android tablet usage was so low he didn’t know what users were doing with the devices and if they were used at all.


Tim Cook will not pull out the same figures this year, since Android has surpassed iOS in this area too. It is surprising Android took so long, considering the mobile platform runs on around 75 percent of all mobile devices in the world.

Currently, Android is only ahead by one percent, meaning we could see iOS push back with the launch of the iPhone 6. The term ‘web usage’ involves anything that remotely connects with the web, meaning it is more than just browser data.

If Apple cannot show statistics on web usage, they still have one killer stat to keep developers and buyers interested: revenue. iOS makes much more revenue than Android on apps, music and other content.

This is a harder stat for Android to challenge, simply because Apple only offers premium devices, whereas Android runs on everything from the Galaxy S5 to an $60 smartphone in India.

On the demographic of disposable income per customer, iOS comes out much further ahead, with solid numbers in Japan, United States, several developed nations in Europe and other wealthy countries.

Take this in contrast to Android, who currently dominate the markets in places like Spain, China, India, South East Asia and other developing nations, where the amount of disposable income is lower per customer.

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