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Are You Ready For Facebook Ads?

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Last Updated: Sep 17, 2016

A long time ago, we were able to go on YouTube and watch some videos without any ads getting in the way and a little more recently we were a little mad when we saw the first ads pop-up before our favorite videos. In some cases, the ads are short and easy to skip after a few seconds, but sometimes commercials have to go their full length before the main video starts up.

Are we ready to see the same thing on Facebook? Indeed, Facebook ads are about to become reality, although they’re not necessarily expected to work in the same way. Facebook thinks that the right way to include ads on their website is in fact to include them at the end of the videos watched, which would make sense in the case that the user would go on to watch several other videos after the first one. Just like YouTube back in the days, this move from Facebook might disturb a few users, but overall the social media site is aiming to keep things enjoyable.

Considerable Visibility

This is an important move on Facebook’s part since the big deal of videos on the site previously represented visibility that wasn’t turning into more profits for the company. With the inclusion of these new ads, Facebook will be looking to bring in more revenues in a field that it previously largely was contributing in, but wasn’t really making any profits from. A ton of people watch videos on Facebook and jump in a viewing session as they read their friends’ feed and go through their suggestions, and that might even replace YouTube for some users to a degree, so this doesn’t come as a really surprising move on Facebook’s part.

This will give YouTube some competition as around 4 billion views of videos are generated on the social media site each day. Creators that upload these videos will share 55% of the ad revenues while Facebook will keep the other 45%. This count is very similar to what is found on YouTube. The video giant will most likely be reconsidered its strategies after this important decision on Facebook’s part. The new ad system will be first found in a testing type of form with ads showing up around the video suggestions part of the equation. Therefore, when a user watches some type of content and wants to watch more of that content and to keep going, that’s more likely when the ads will kick in. YouTube does the same type of offers to the viewers of their videos as well, and you will probably have noticed that these suggestion videos do come on automatically on YouTube nowadays.

Naturally, the comparison will be hard to make between the two companies since people who go on YouTube generally go on the website expressively to watch video content and at the farthest could expect to be taken to another web page by clicking on a link in the description or comments, but users on Facebook don’t necessarily go on social media to watch videos directly, but will rather encounter them on the go as they go through other content. It will then be the responsibility of the video creators and advertisers to measure what is worth the most dollars and what is actually viewed with the most attention by video addicts.

Implementation On Mobile First

The implementation of this new ad system of Facebook will be happening first on mobile and then will happen on the rest of the platform. This first phase will serve as a test for Facebook to see if everything is happening right. Then, Facebook should become a new opportunity for revenue sharing when it comes to videos, and make it a true competitor to YouTube. YouTube will be on the close watch for what Facebook will be doing and some are predicting that Facebook’s share in the video field will be going up in the upcoming year. As the biggest ads transfer from the TV to the web, players like Facebook and YouTube will have growing roles to play and every decision concerning this process will have an affect on the final numbers. Facebook is choosing to go with ads that will play in the Suggested Videos portion of the process, and it will be interesting to see if that decision will change with time. YouTube did progressively include more ads into its system and it might very well be the case for Facebook as well. It remains to be seen if the users will be happy about how and how quickly Facebook implements their new systems that will obviously affect the way we navigate on the social network.

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