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As social marketing drops on Facebook, what options are available for you?

There has been a significant drop on fan posts and organic reach of brand on Facebook over the last few years. Some reports have indicated that it has dropped below 5 percent.

Many brands had spent several years building their Facebook following and this trend is really worrying to them. Building a strong following on any social media is a long and tedious process and to watch it crumbling adds salt to the injury.

The drop is due to the change in Facebook algorithm that determines what content is shown. As the much hyped marketing on Facebook fades off, what options are there for social marketers?

Consider the options discussed below:

Post frequently on Facebook
The posts on Facebook keep scrolling as new posts come in. So, if you are a marketer with a viral content to share you can do it frequently and try to optimize.
To optimize, it is advisable that you include images and links. This will increase your organic reach by up to 30 percent. If you make your post to be viral, others may share it and this will increase your reach significantly.

You can also choose to pay for Facebook ads to reach your audience on Facebook. It is cheaper compared to paid search on Google AdWords. It can also improve the quality of your Facebook marketing and open up a number of audience targeting features.

Use other social media platforms
If Facebook is not serving you as you want, you can make use of other social media platforms. You can leverage other social media platforms such as Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram.
Twitter will give you a reasonable organic reach and a large number of users can ‘retweet’ your content to boost your reach.
For retain and fashion, you can use Pinterest and Instagram, while video sharing sites such as YouTube can be used for viral brand promotion.

And if you want to reach professional audience, LinkedIn and SlideShare will be at your service. As you can see, there are many alternatives to Facebook that can easily come in handy for you social media marketing.

Ever thought of content syndication?
Content syndication is a process in which you can push your site, video content or blog into another site in the form of a link, thumbnail, snippet or even a full article. It originally emerged as a way of increasing traffic for content sites and blogs but it can also be used by marketers.

It is almost similar to ad network but differs in the sense that instead of buying and ad space you will be buying content promotion slots for a blog post.

Leverage promoted posts on other viral sites
If you are unable to create viral posts, you can hire sites like and to create and promote content for you. The content will have higher chances of going viral than what you could create.
Social media platforms are many and varied so you can not miss one that suits your needs. As you continue using Facebook try to explore other options that you can use.

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