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Chrome Web Store Now Allows Paid Apps

In the latest update to Chrome, Google has made a large amount of changes to extensions, themes and applications on their web store, opening up new ways to monetise the product and push the product out in different ways with new package systems.

The biggest change is the inclusion of free trials on products, allowing developers to offer 30 day free trials with in-app purchases to buy the complete paid application. Windows apps have commonly used this as a way to draw users in, especially anti-virus programs like Avast and AVG.

Themes will need to be paid for up front and developers of themes cannot offer free trials, for extensions and apps Google will allow free trials and the developers can set different dates for the trials, possibly offering them for more than 30 days.

This could move older PC applications onto the Chrome web store, the lack of monetization has been pretty bad for big companies that want to make money, and most have resorted to asking for donations from people who downloaded the app.

Since Chrome is an open platform, it does allow developers to make a lot of changes to the web through an application. Google has been smart enough to have regulations and guidelines so users do not download malware or any other harmful products on the web store.

This has lead to a big rise in AdBlock apps on the web store. Google cannot really takes these applications down, as it would risk ruining the “open” platform, but they may be able to cut off funding for these kinds of apps and have even made deals with the Adblock apps in the past.

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