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Classroom Tool for All Teachers from Google

This tool has come at the right time when educators worldwide are gearing up for a new term. This online tool was unveiled in May. It integrates Gmail. Google Drive and Docs to encourage teachers to use the service for assigning and collecting work online.


The tool also boosts communication channels for students and teachers in and outside of the classroom. This tool is called Google Classroom and is offered as part of the Google Apps for Education suite.

Apart from allowing educators to assign and collect work, Google School, also allows them make announcements, view who has and has not tackled an assignment, and create separate Drive folders for each student.

Google Classroom_500

Google Classroom will also give students an opportunity to post contents and connect with other students.

Google Classroom is ads-free and any data used will not be used for marketing purposes. This will help to maintain students’ privacy.


The scheme was piloted with quite a number of schools and universities/colleges before educators were allowed to apply for its preview. So far, over 100,000 educators from over 45 countries have signed up to take a look.

The main advantage of Google Classroom is that it is open to all Google Apps for Education users. “The goal is to help teachers spend more time teaching and less time shuffling papers,” said Yeskel, the Google Classroom Product Manager.


Teachers gave some feedback during the preview sage that has helped in making some modifications to the original tool. For example, teachers requested for a simple area to post materials and information about their classes, so the Google team added an “About page” to cater for each course.


Google Classroom works well on most mobile devices and is available in 42 languages. The tool has been embraced by many teachers; among them is Sister Rosemarie DeLoro who has been a teacher for over 60 years. “You can’t stay in teaching and keep going to the old ways,” she said.

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