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Cox announces gigabit Internet coming to Phoenix, Las Vegas and Omaha

In light of all the news about Comcast and Time Warner Cable merging, alongside news the FCC wants to create fast-lanes for ISPs to charge more for certain data in their Internet pipes, Cox Communications has announced gigabit Internet will be coming to Phoenix, Las Vegas and Omaha in the coming months.

Cox Communications is a subsidiary of Cox Enterprises, a privately owned company. Unlike Comcast and Time Warner Cable, who have to appeal to boards and investors, Cox is capable of offering the upgrade without being hassled on price to subscription efficiency.

The gigabit Internet is not the only good news from Cox Communications, for people outside the three areas Cox will up the Preferred Tier Internet from 25mbps to 50mbps and the high-speed tier will be upgraded from 50mbps to 100mbps, stepping up to the standards in European countries.

For people in Phoenix, Las Vegas and Omaha, they gigabit rollout will take some time, Cox Communications are projecting an end in all markets by the end of 2016, meaning another two years before the infrastructure is ready to go live.

This could be a problem with the moves from both Google Fiber and AT&T, both installing gigabit Internet at a quick rate to small markets. AT&T appears to be counteracting Google Fiber, instead of actually upgrading other areas.

Google Fiber is currently in Kansas City and work has already started in Austin, Texas and Provo, Utah to get speeds at 1gbps and push the Internet infrastructure further in all three areas, offering WiFi hotspots and business-end deals, alongside schools and public service Internet.

Cox Communications getting involved is a good thing and might scare some of the bigger cable and Internet providers out of the areas, but until Comcast and Time Warner Cable feel threatened on a subscription level, they will not act against Google Fiber and others.

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