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Evernote Unveils Evernote Context

Evernote has unveiled Evernote Context, an AI play that surfaces content from outside sources as you write. The news was made public at the company’s big annual conference, EC4.


Evernote, a storage and note taking app, already boats over 100 million users today. This latest step is its bid to develop services that will keep people using its app to store notes and thoughts regularly and even for many other applications as well.

Evernote Context will see it surfacing and suggesting new content to users from third party sources and they read and write. This service will come alongside the already existing ability to surface relevant content from users’ own documents and in Evernote Business, and those of your work colleagues.


“Your workspace should have the information that you need,” said CEO Phil Libin.

This means Evernote will add a new content feed from third party sources that will appear within Evernote, alongside and relevant to the work that the users are doing within the app, whether they are on desktop or another client.


The sources that will show up include social networks like LinkedIn, data resources such as CrunchBase and news sources such as TechCrunch and WJS.

The Evernote Context is likely to be launched next month. Evernote has long held a wider remit to create a platform that people can use for the rest of their lives and beyond.
Moves like adding in more third-party content to use while you are creating documents is more about how Evernote is used for more immediate work and synthesizing ideas.


“The idea is whenever you are working in Evernote; you’re not doing it in a vacuum. You’re not opening up a blank page. Evernote is finding information that is most actionable to you right now,” Libin said.

Evernote Context builds upon features that Evernote already have. Related notes which surfaces your other notes that are related to the one you’re typing in.

Evernote Business users, meanwhile, get related notes from coworkers. These are now being rolled into the wider Context service.

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