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Facebook to Provide Official Support to GIFs

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Last Updated: May 30, 2015


Have you seen any GIFs on Facebook in your lifetime? I don’t really think so since the company has been always on a viewpoint to decline the support of that feature. However, now the social network has announced that they are planning to officially support GIFs.

Facebook to Support GIFs

Facebook users have always wanted to post GIFs to their own or to their friends’ news feeds, however, the company hasn’t really allowed them to do so. Why has Facebook done this? The social media giant has been always afraid of such things, such as spamming or slowing down the network of the website. If any of these options (or both) would happen that would cause the company several problems and could cost them tons of money to fix those issues. It’s a sad thing, but internet users have an attitude to spam everything that’s around them. Just check a blog that has been quite popular, but has no protection against spam. People have realized the site has no spam protection, so they started to post their own links to their sites to increase their rankings in Google, however, they don’t post a link or two, but they post like 20-30. By doing so, the website will become very crowded, it will become very-very slow and Google will more likely to penalize that website.

Facebook to Support GIFs

So, my main point was that internet people do like to spam websites. Imagine what they would do with Facebook if it did not have any spam protection. It would be a horrible website, people who do not want to spam could not be able to use it. That’s why Facebook has not allowed GIFs yet, however, there was always a need for them. GIFs has been present in the social media since a 5-6 years and they have become quite popular nowadays. Why? GIFs could be pretty funny if they are done right, just like as memes. People want to post those GIFs to their news feeds, so they can share them with everyone. Of course, there will be websites in Facebook that will be dedicated to only GIFs, so they will try to collect the funniest of GIFs from all around the internet and post them on their groups’ news feeds to gain popularity. This could be a new way of entertainment on Facebook since on the social media the best “funny sites” are the ones that post memes and vines. With the adding of GIFs, there will be a quite new way to make fun.

Most people anticipated the adding of the GIF feature to Facebook when last summer Twitter has provided support for the feature. However, they were not right since the company hasn’t provided any support for GIFs until now. Maybe this was the cause Facebook has done this, since Twitter is one of the biggest competitors of the social networking website, however, there might be other causes that could have a role in the introducing of the feature to Facebook.

Facebook has already provided support for GIFs, however, not publicly. They have only added support for the feature to some private profiles to test it. It is a good attitude since they want to beta test a new feature before adding it. Most companies forget to do so, that’s why the product they are releasing is buggy and fully of issues at the product launch. Just imagine if Facebook has released the option to post GIFs to the news feed and there would be a bug that people could abuse to annoy their friends. It would be horrible.

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