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Facebook’s aggressive move to win the news stream

Currently, Twitter is the hub for any live-event, the World Cup, Google I/O and any other event can be discovered on Twitter’s trending hashtags and conversations, where millions of voices try to convey the news in under 140 characters.

Facebook wants the news and talk to be on their social network and not Twitter and is making aggressive moves, in order to make their news stream the de-facto when it comes to gathering news and chatting about events.

Currently, Facebook is investing millions in startups and news talents, building APIs and features for their news feed to reach more people and has started partnering up with news channels like NBC’s Today Show, to grab news from Facebook, instead of Twitter or other Web sources.

The move is hard for Facebook because it is attacking Twitter’s core business, real-time world events. This might not be the most profitable feature of Twitter, but it is what keeps the 300 million-odd users from going somewhere else to find their news.

Twitter has been working for a few years to make sure news is local and current to the user, focusing on delivering content the user will want to see, alongside big world news events that affect everyone in some way.

Facebook has the money and talent to create a great news stream, perhaps a better one than Twitter, but even if that is the case will user’s flock to Facebook over Twitter? We do not think so.

Facebook is generally not a place where people post news and discuss news, because of the personal design of Facebook, having the user’s face and information, it makes it hard for people to discuss their own ideas like it is on Twitter and Tumblr, where anonymity rule.

Facebook believes their advantage in the news feed is they have user’s information and it is a more personal social network, but we cannot see this being an advantage, more of a disadvantage since people don’t want to discuss global events as they would on Twitter.

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