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Facebook’s Slingshot can now be turned off

Facebook’s ephemeral app Slingshot is just another pokey Snapchat clone. Many thought it was pointless, but now it is not even special.


Slingshot required that your friends had to first reply with a photo or video so as to unlock what you sent them. But this is no more since you can turn it off meaning you can blast your friend with photos without forcing them to do anything.


This now opens up the app for mainstream audience because it reduces the friction of the app. It also means that Slingshot is no longer fun because the anxiety has been eliminated. The anxiety was created by the fact that you had to send your friend a photo or a movie to see what they have sent to you resulting in an addictive sharing loop.


The sender now has an option to either sling it as a locked or unlocked shot. This means Slingshot is now more or less like a Snapchat but with nicer drawing interface and reactions from your Facebook friends.


Slingshot was launched by Facebook earlier this summer in an attempt to grab the attention of young people who all have parents that love Facebook.


But it turns out people didn’t like being coerced to send photos so Facebook decided to drop the requirement that people share to unlock their friend’s photos. This kind of removes the fun from the app.

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